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My Thoughts On Airbnb

Airbnb is a newer platform for vacation rentals. It has completely revolutionized the way people rent out their vacation homes. A platform for hosts and travelers to connect and make a deal face to face, cutting the big vacation rental companies out. Hosts act as their own manager through the Airbnb platform, thus taking on the role of managing turnovers, concierge, making sure all guest needs are being taken care of.

Advantage of Choosing Airbnb to list your property

The possibilities are endless with such a huge network. We love the personality these different homes take on. The prices most times beat hotels, and with it you get a comfort of an actual home. There are no gimmicks with Airbnb, what you see is what you get. There are certain standards that Airbnb hold their hosts to, which makes it comforting knowing you will be entering a home that meets or exceeds those standards. In addition to keeping hosts to specific standards, it holds guests to certain standards as well. The worry of someone coming to your home and trashing your house is slim. With a regular vacation rental company, you don't get to see reviews of guests and hosts before entering their home, you do not know what you are truly walking into. Not only does Airbnb protect you from not so pleasant guests, but they also provides protection for up to $1 Million in damages to cover their property.

Why I like to use Airbnb as a guest

As a family of four, with two kids under 5, we need a hotel room with bigger living space, kitchen, and two suites connected. Those rooms cost upwards of $500 or more a night. Airbnb saves my family and I a ton when traveling. While I am saving money, the owner is making a much higher ROI than he or she would being in a long-term lease. Short Term property managers like Skye understand the smart pricing system in order to bring you the most competitive rates and optimize the listing during specific times of the year.

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