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Tips To Keep Your Airbnb Customer Happy

Keeping your Airbnb customer happy is imperative to keeping your listing afloat. Your reviews from happy customers is all you have as face value to those deciding between your property and another. In our opinion, keeping you Airbnb customer happy isn't only for the reviews, but the true core of being a good host. With Airbnb, you are sharing part of your life and story with people from around the country and the world. As any friend or family member who walks through your door, that is how one should treat their guest. We want to make sure guests are so happy with their stay that they becoming repeat visitors. Like our mothers taught us, "treat others the way you want to be treated," is reflected in our listings. We make sure to set up these listings and make sure our guests are as comfortable as possible, the same way we would like to be hosted if we were at a 5 star hotel. Keeping true to yourself by being genuine in your work, will be reflected in your listing reviews. of how Not only are the majority of reservations based on repeat visitors, but a single bad review that’s posted to Airbnb can dissuade innumerable new renters from staying at your property.

And by keeping these tips and tricks in mind, Airbnb hosts can alleviate the potential problem of “bad reviews” before it ever becomes an issue – and hopefully generate lifelong fans in the process.

What Will Make All The Difference

Like hotels, guests expect amenities during their stay that mirror what they are comfortable with at home. As there are MANY listings to pick from, you must make sure to figure out how to make your listing particularly different to make you the right choice. Setting yourself apart from other listings could increase your potential ROI significantly by adding just a little more. Some things that could help are:

  • Internet access: No one wants to be using their data on their phones while on vacation. Having the option of connecting to WiFi changes everything. People who still have to work while away, or kids using iPads and tablets. This day in age, internet is extremely important to have.

  • TVs with premium channels, including HBO, is important. Whether it's movie night for a family or watching a UFC fight, providing these options will make for a comfortable stay.

  • Keurig machines, cookware sets, toaster or toaster oven, blenders, and other household appliances really make a difference in one's stay. Our goal is to bring the comfort of home at someones vacation destination. These small details make such a big difference for guests.

  • A key-less entry system is what most guests prefer. Having to schedule a live meeting for a key exchange could be difficult if guests arrive in the middle of the night, during holidays, etc.

With Skye Management, we are able to give you a full check-list needed to truly make for a comfortable stay for guests. We know what guests prefer and want!

Open Communication

Making sure your property is set up the right way will create a positive first impression for guests. There are key strategies to help make your guest feel comfortable before they even get to your home. Here are some tips to welcome your guest:

  • Open communication with your guest is key. Beginning with the inquiry, your response time shows your guest how committed you are to them. Skye Management prides itself in making sure each and every guest feels like they are taken care of from the start. Once a reservation is made, informing guests with details of how to get to the property and how to access the house will help welcome them before they even get there.

  • Keyless entry helps your guest feel comfortable with arriving at any time they want. Some guests like to grocery shop before getting to the property. Other guests want to stop by to watch the sunset, or grab dinner before heading over. Having the option of entering the property with keyless entry helps keeping that option open. Live check-ins are still an option with Skye Management and are encouraged to make a more personal experience with the guest.

Positive Interactions and Maintenance

A happy guest means a happy host. Once a guest arrives and is pleased with their accommodations, issues could still come up during their stay that could change everything. Issues could be as big as a broken washer or a leak, to smaller issues like internet that won't connect. Fortunately, with Skye Management, we are able to address these issues immediately. Some smaller issues could even be taken care of by making sure you equip the house with some simple procedures.

  • Open communication helps keep the guest feel like their needs and worries are being taken care of. Whether there is a maintenance call or someone coming by to clean, make sure that your guest is aware that someone is coming by. Keeping the guest in the loop of anything that has to do with the property they are staying in is extremely important, nobody likes surprises.

  • Easy access to the home for a guest is extremely important. Whether it is a code to keyless entry or multiple keys for larger parties, make sure it is something convenient for their stay.

  • Calling or sending a message through Airbnb to make sure all accommodations are up to standards is important. Calling also gives the guest a more comfortable environment to keep the communication open in case there are any other issues.

"Goodbyes" Are Just As Important As "Hellos"

Making a lasting impression to your guest is important.

  • Making sure check-out instructions are clear from the beginning helps with a smooth transition out. Again, keyless check outs are extremely helpful when travel plans cause guests to be tight on time.

  • Once the guests have left, make sure to send them a message and thank them for their stay, give them feedback and welcome them back again. At this time you could also ask for any feedback they had regarding their stay. Some guests recommend for you to change things in the house to make the next guest feel more comfortable, be open to constructive criticism.

  • If guests had a positive experience with good feedback, encourage them to leave you a positive review on your Airbnb site. A positive trip should not go unnoticed.

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